Everyday life

23 Jul

Thursday provided a combination of experiences for us. First we drove miles up a rutted dirt road of abject poverty into what really is the base of Kilimanjaro mountain to find the home of one of our teenage students, Alex. … Read More »


20 Jul

Stephanie and I spent the last two days at the Notre Dame School in Njiro, a primary and secondary school run by Notre Dame sisters from India. We have seen andexperienced some lows in our first week here and now … Read More »


17 Jul

In order to clear my head and try to process all that has been going on around me, I decided to take a tour. Yes a tour – one of those things with buses packed full of embarrassing foreigners (mzungas) … Read More »

Eyes Wide Shut

16 Jul

The thirty students of Kilimahewa, cramped on their narrow wooden benches, rose to their feet without hesitation, welcoming their two Mazungu (white) teachers. They soon resumed their positions and we assumed ours, fumbling with the familiar technology that, in our … Read More »

When words fail

16 Jul

After spending the morning fighting projector issues and navigating the purchase of a printer, we went off with Mama Grace, a true force in the community, on “home visits” to the families of three students whom we sponsor in secondary … Read More »

Food for Thought

14 Jul

Today was a lot for me to digest. While Moira spent the day at the Kilimahewa Center for Education teaching English grammar, I accompanied Misty Eddy, founder of the Rau Foundation, to Rau Primary School in Moshi. A sprawling school … Read More »