EdPowerment carries out its mission through three grassroots, closely administered and personalized projects: (1) Support for the Kilimahewa Educational Centre that serves local teens and young adults excluded from public & private education; (2) Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Sponsorship Program which selects qualified teenagers, who have no resources, to pursue secondary through university or vocational studies in order to secure a career; and (3) Connect Autism Tanzania (formerly ACT (Autism Connects Tanzania), which advocates for the autistic and intellectually disabled ignored by local society, while offering educational workshops and guidance to teachers, social workers, government officials and others who serve this population.

In addition, as funding allows, we target assistance to the community at large. In 2014 EdPowerment funded new toilets to allow the Mary Bennett-Sambarai government primary school to keeps its doors open to 700 students. At the same time, we purchased large quantities of texts for a boarding school, attended by some of our sponsored students, to raise the level of learning for all students.

Founding belief:  Although we live in a globally connected world, those born into economically advanced societies too often can remain disconnected from individuals born into radically different conditions. EdPowerment bridges this disconnect. EdPowerment enables individuals with resources to go beyond their immediate orbit of family, friends and work to help those who have no choice but to rely on humanitarians for learning opportunities … so that they too can build productive lives.

To see our work in action, please visit our website: www.EdPowerment.org


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