23 Oct

As promised, here is the next update on our students as they move toward self-sufficiency.



This October, eight of EdPowerment’s scholar-leaders graduated from secondary school – Remember, what we consider high school in the U.S. is divided into secondary school “O” level (Form 1-4) and high school “A” level (Form 5-6) —
These 3 young women and 5 young men are now prepping for their Form 4 National Exams. Once the results are in, we will work with them to plan their next step to high school, or to certificate or vocational studies.
IMG_2514 image
As always, our goal is that their studies lead to (1) a better understanding of their world and their role in it and (2) gainful employment.

Here are some of our happy Form 4 grads. Hongera – Congratulations!

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