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EdPowerment is all about girls’ rights to education and employment.  However, the reality is that acceptance of young women as equal citizens requires the education – and re-education – of young men. Women and men must move forward in society together.
EdPowerment sponsors girls and boys to a local vocational school.
Today in the Kilimanjaro area where EdPowerment operates, Secondary School options for girls can outnumber the options for boys. (High School options for both are lacking)  This situation is disastrous for a progressive society.  And this is why EdPowerment supports boys struggling to become productive men, as well as girls struggling to determine their own futures. 
Male and female teenagers join together in our life-skills workshops
Boys need to be motivated to succeed as human beings, as income-producers and as models for their children.  In agricultural areas, too many follow the paths of their fathers, resorting to local brew and truancy to fill days absent of ambition.  EdPowerment deplores this situation. Where we sense ambition and capability in a young man who has been relegated to the sidelines when he should be in the game, we offer a path of learning.  We work with him, guide him… and re-educate him about what is possible in life. 

Today, Tom, Ally, Florian, and Deus lead our sponsored boys while Innocent, Jackson and Deo lead our Kilimahewa students.  One day in the not too distant future, all of them will demonstrate a better way to be a man, worker, community leader and father.
No longer at home.  Ally will one day serve his community as a health provider.

Donations to EdPowerment are a direct way to enable the education and employment of a young man or woman.  Email us to ask for any further information or clarification or to direct a donation toward your specific interest.