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In their own English, here’s what our sponsored students said about this summer and the “family” that they have become:
Lodga  “One thing that is unique about the EdPowerment scholar leader program that has benefitted me is the unity.  EdPowerment scholar leaders are very united.  For example we were interacting with different people as a group which makes us to be more confident”

Lodga assisting one of the Kilimahewa campers this summer
Jessica  ”Being a part of EPpowerment helps us at home if we are in poor condition. And it helps make us not to feel lonely and encourages us that we can make it together.”
Kelvin  ”Being a part of EdPowerment’s program has helped me to go to seminars and help me solve problems which can fear me.”
Veronica  “EdPowerment encourages and motivates students to help them learn many different things concerning studies and health and diseases.  Every year the founders come to Tanzania and see the continuation of the students… through EdPowerment I can now stand in front of masses and speak and I know how to keep myself safe and do better in my studies so as to reach my goals.”

William  ”EdPowerment not only gives sponsorships in school but they create workshops which help people gain skills and new opportunities to be a leader by teaching others.”

William explaining a science concept

Mary  “I gained a lot of things that are important but most important confidence. I didn’t have enough confidence before but now I am okay. “

The hallmark of EdPowerment’s “Tomorrow’s Scholar-Leader Program” is that it commits to funding each participant’s education from Secondary School Form 1 through the highest level of education that he or she can achieve. The goal? For each student to become gainfully employed.  This can mean a ten-year commitment for those who are talented and motivated enough to succeed in a medical or equivalent professional degree.

Equally important, however, is our commitment to nurture and educate the entire person.  Take this year for instance.  

  • In the Spring, Grace Lyimo, our Field Coordinator, organized the most recent in a series of LifeSkills seminars that tackle issues many of these teens and young adults never get to explore within their families, schools and communities: topics such as healthy relationships, responsible sexual activity, strategies for handling difficult home lives, building confidence, setting goals, avoiding destructive habits and staying on track! Each year, EdPowerment funds several of these workshops – because we know that IT IS NOT ENOUGH JUST TO PAY A YOUNG PERSON’S SCHOOL FEES. 
Getting some extra math tutoring from Godlisten, our dedicated math teacher.

  • This summer, we added a new layer to our personal coaching, so to speak. Stacey Lauren, an executive skills tutor from New York City who recently joined our Board, met individually and in pairs with our Sponsored Students and the older students who attend the Kilimahewa Educational Center. Equipped with planners, she introduced concepts that most Tanzanian students have never been taught: how to organize a study schedule, how to study for a test over several days, how to prioritize, how to combine studying with other responsibilities…. a how-to list that will be invaluable to these students as they progress in school, and in life. 
Learning what a planner can do!
  • And last… but definitely not least! During summer break our sponsored students served as teaching assistants at the Kilimahewa Enrichment Camp. Here, they are the leaders – they serve others, they share their knowledge, and they share empathy for those who come from equally poor circumstances.
Mary takes her turn as demonstrating in science

Chatting about the future with one of our sponsored students.