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I’m on my way back to the States, but here’s a quick look at why our fundraising means so much.

As happens often, I was strategically seated on the flight to Tanzania.  This time I found myself next to a Tanzanian female Lutheran pastor who runs a vocational boarding school for single moms and other young women shut out of government education.  This is exactly the population that EdPowerment serves, and looking ahead, it seems that the Angaza Women’s Centre in Sanya Ju might be a good place for some of our young women to pursue practical skills that enable independence.

What follows is a “taste” of the tools that Angaza uses for culinary training.

A jiko wood burning oven 

Modern cooking conveniences

The Stove!

Places such as Angaza fill such a gap.  They give life back to young women who have no prospects and often suffer abuse and subjugation. But they do so with the barest of resources.  They struggle  to sustain themselves in a world where consumer markets thrive and the most basic of kitchens in the developed world never look like this.

Perhaps in the near future, EdPowerment can support Angaza by enrolling appropriate young women as paying students in their programs… and possibly purchase a piece of equipment!  Donations to EdPowerment allow us to channel support to places such as Angaza and to young women seeking employable skills in Tanzania.