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 Lessons on Microsoft Word for Kilimahewa’s older students started this week.

Our trio of young male teachers, Tom K, Tom M (our sponsored student who recently completed his B.S. in computer science) and Godlisten E, took on this challenge with teenagers who have not yet joined the digital age.  

Picture the scene:  Students (who have completed a Mavis Beacon keyboarding course) navigate the desktop to the icon (new word) “Word” where they open the screen to an entirely new language: “task bar,” “ribbon,” “status bar,” “font”!!! But wait – first we have to show them how to create a “folder” to hold their documents! Now we pull out visual aids – an actual folder in which we place papers.  They start to get it the overall concept.  Back to the document.  Type the sentence, “I am a Kilimahewa student.”  Now, look at the task bar and look at the Font section.  Bold – what’s that?  Italic?  Increase size, decrease size, highlight, and right click… right click… right click… you lost everything???  Ah, here’s the “undo” button – the most important button on the “taskbar.”

Are you getting the picture?  Take a look:

After mounds of patience and lots of repetition, trial and error, students begin to figure out how to format and change their writing.  One hour evaporates.  Now to explain, “Save as,” label your document, find your folder – SCROLL – what, you say???  Now that you’ve saved it,  find it…. and now, just “Save” – no more “Save as.” WHEW….
The first day.  A tortuous beginning.  But check back in three months.  
 Kilimahewa students will be joining the global conversation.