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IMPACT: A follow-up

Last week, I posted a photo our three University students.  Here is a short follow-up:

Angel is now in Moshi for a two month break between her first and second year of law studies.  She wanted to use this time interning at a place where she could learn more about the area of law in which she is interested – advocacy for the disenfranchised, particularly children.

Kerri (now back in the U.S.) and Mama Grace took her to several organizations and thankfully she was able to intern at what is called the “Juvi Center” or Juvenile Detention Center in Moshi.

Yesterday I received this email from her:

I am so happy about the work, truly it help me to develop my career because I usually go to different courts such as primary court and resident magistrate court for the purpose of hearing processes which are usually taken by courts for those children who commit  offenses.Thanks to mama grace and kerri and you also for your support. 

We have shared some of Angel’s background with you and her journey to this point is nothing short of remarkable.  However, Angel also demonstrates the level of involvement and commitment that distinguish EdPowerment.  This summer, we not only gained an internship for Angel.  We also placed three of our vocational students in internships during their two week break – Humphrey in auto-mechanics, Monica in tailoring and Daniel in masonry.  This type of personal care is what will make the difference and enable each of our sponsored students to achieve in life, not just attend school – effective altruism.