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For the past three weeks, EdPowerment has hosted its largest group of volunteers yet – 8 college and 12th grade students, Nancy Clutter, a high school nurse, and Stacey Lauren, an educator from NY and mother of one of our volunteers.  Each volunteer forged her or his own connections with the young people and families we work with in Tanzania, and all our programs benefitted from their willingness to come here and spend their their time, talents and personal resources.

One talent that we didn’t expect was that of Stacey behind the camera.  She has been invaluable in providing a kind of photographic journal of the last several weeks.  Snapping away unobtrusively, she has captured the essence of much that has gone on with both the local community and our volunteers.  Here are some of her best.  
 Sponsored Students at Kilimahewa’s Camp

Jennifer’s skills impressed even the boys
Lining up for makande – lunch – at Camp
Talking things through…

Ever tried working with a kindergarten of 100?

One of our sponsored student’s bibis (grandmothers)

Showing her injured wrist to Mama Grace

The kitchen in bibi’s house-

Sambarai Primary School

Tanzania’s beauty – Mount Meru at dusk
In Stacey’s Batik