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Asante Erica

The “kids” at Kilimahewa usually understand more English than many of their high school peers because of the flow of “mzunga” volunteers who quickly immerse themselves in their classroom. Tomorrow, Erica leaves to return to her final semester at Seton Hall Law School, but this week she was busy helping the students understand the stories in The Adventures of Spider, a small book of West African tales that was a big hit with the East African teenagers. Erica brought over nine copies of the book and for several days the students have been working on their vocabulary to figure out the “moral” of each tale. Erica says good-bye with candy specially requested by the boys and girls. We’ll hand out photos she took of them during the week – their favorite thing – since unlike all of us, they have no photographs to remember their friends and events. The kids loved being with Erica and we are thankful that she decided to share herself and her talents with all of them. Asante sana – thank you!