Water At Last

17 Sep

This is a good day! Kerri and Jillian (EdPowerment’s program managers) arrived for their year in Tanzania just in time – Maji Tech’s engineer, Niko, finally was able to install the solar pump for the Kilimahewa Water Project and water … Read More »

One Day

23 Aug

As I type this blog by special high powered Brookstone flashlights, I can not overstate the daily challenge of living in an “under-served” community. The morning began with a meeting of the parents of the Kilimahewa students. About half the … Read More »


20 Aug

Education is really the process of finding out about who you are and who you can become. Nowhere is this more true than when applied to young people who have had no opportunities, and then one day they gain access … Read More »

Asante Erica

18 Aug

The “kids” at Kilimahewa usually understand more English than many of their high school peers because of the flow of “mzunga” volunteers who quickly immerse themselves in their classroom. Tomorrow, Erica leaves to return to her final semester at Seton … Read More »