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Field Day in Moshi

For American students, the school year is dotted with special events such as “field day” to build spirit and break up what can become the monotony of classes. On Monday we introduced this custom to our 30+ students at the Kilimahewa school.

As is the case with nearly every special activity over here, amazement marked the students’ reactions to the entire day. First they walked to the Moshi Technical Vocational School fields where they donned various colored jerseys Kerri brought with her from Chicago. These and their orange EdPowerment t-shirts comprise a new wardrobe for most of these young people. Once at the fields, picnic lunches of chicken and chips delighted the students who then separated – boys to the football (soccer) field, girls to the netball (basketball without dribbling) field. The white team, led by goals from Florian, Alex and Frank, took the soccer victory. The girls, in the meantime, revealed newly animated personalities that lie beneath their reserved demeanors.

It was another first… and another great day for the Kilimahewa community – a chance for the students to just be kids, and for everyone to experience a day of well being in a life of hardship.