Local Buy-In

22 Aug

I just watched Greg Mortensen (Three Cups of Tea) on TV, talking about the importance of local buy-in to assistance efforts in the third world. I wanted to stress to everybody who is getting to know EdPowerment that this is … Read More »

Shedding light on autism

11 Aug

On August 10th, our outreach program, Autism Connects Tanzania, touched a population that is virtually ignored in this region. Parents, teachers and professionals from Arusha, Rau, Majengo, Mabogini, Korogoni, Kibosho, Siha and Bomag’ombe joined together for the first Autism Informational … Read More »

Field Day in Moshi

11 Aug

For American students, the school year is dotted with special events such as “field day” to build spirit and break up what can become the monotony of classes. On Monday we introduced this custom to our 30+ students at the … Read More »

To Come

4 Aug

EdPowerment’s work continues in the coming weeks with Kerri Elliott and Jillian Swinford, two of our program managers. Please check in to learn more about our first Autism Awareness workshop for families in the area who struggle with this disability… … Read More »