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Sweet and sour

We woke up our first morning in Moshi to send off four sponsorship students to their second term at Notre Dame Secondary School. VERY HAPPY to be returning to school – taking only a few items in their bags but forming new dreams in their heads. A fifth young woman, Theresia, was so excited to be embarking on a future at Arusha Teacher’s College where she will work toward a certificate. In two years, she can return to Kilimahewa and show the way to others struggling to get a good basic education. We watched as she walked down the dusty road to board the bus to her new life. A sweet beginning to our time here.

And then today, we met the technology gremlins. Six hours at the Vodaphone store (Stephanie outlasted me by 3 hours… and is very bitter) but in the end, we are connected to the world – and more importantly to YOU. Here again, the educational curve is so disparate – even the most entry level computer classes open so many doors for U.S. students that barely are cracked here.