Learning never stops

23 Apr

EdPowerment never allows long school breaks to stop or interfere with the progress of our sponsored students. And their education extends past the classroom. Here are two of our vocational tailoring students visiting one of the finest shops in Moshi to … Read More »


15 Oct

2010 marked the beginning of EdPowerment, Inc., a 501c-3 US non-profit with a mission to improve the lives of discarded teenagers and autistic youth in the Moshi area of Tanzania through education. EdPowerment integrated three programs to deliver a range of educational … Read More »


17 Sep

Frank Lema is the Computer Program Manager at the community-based Kilimahewa Educational Centre. Frank came to us by way of a Rotary Global Grant that turned the computer training started by EdPowerment into a comprehensive computer/internet and media center.   Frank … Read More »